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Auto Shop with Reviews from Second Opinion Customers

Auto Shop with Reviews from Second Opinion CustomersClark Automotive is a full-service automotive mechanic with a great reputation for excellent customer service. One important aspect of customer service is getting a second opinion on any car repair question. Our customers have offered many reviews of our shop based on our commitment to providing honest second opinions. We strive to be completely honest with each and every one of our customers in order to build a loyal customer base. We provide a second opinion so you can be confident that you are not wasting money on unnecessary repairs. In addition, we offer free loaner cars.

Honest Auto Repair Shop Offering Second Opinions on Vehicle Repairs

Free Auto Repair Second Opinion ShopYou can count on us to give you accurate appraisals of your automotive issues. There is arguably nothing more important to a mechanic’s relationship with customers than an honest second opinion. And we have worked hard to establish a reputation for providing excellent second opinions for people who bring their cars to us. If you have received a surprisingly high estimate on repair work and have a nagging feeling that you may be getting taken advantage of, reach out to our team.

Only The Repairs That Need To Be Done

We want to be the shop where you decide to take your car. Why? The answer is simple—we hire excellent mechanics who understand both today’s complex cars and yesterday’s simpler machines. When you bring your car to us for a second opinion, you should be able to expect a thorough process of checking out your car’s issues so that we can get to the bottom of them. We will listen to you as you explain the issues, examine your car for obvious and not so obvious causes, and then provide the most accurate assessment possible. If the problem is more serious than you are hoping, we will not sugarcoat our response because we know that that will cause you more trouble down the road. People who need second opinions on their cars need those opinions to be as honest and accurate as possible. And that is where we stake our claim.

Trust Clark Automotive for Auto Repair and Second Opinions

We are comfortable making such claims because we know that customers return to auto shops that treat them well. Second opinions are an excellent way to build relationships with new customers, but those second opinions will not count for much if they are not based on honest appraisals and technical expertise. Clark Auto exceeds on both counts.

Full Service Certified Mechanics Shop in Blaine

Because we are a full-service auto shop, we can offer thorough and knowledgeable second opinions on virtually any automotive issue, including the following.

● Alternator repair and replacement
● Climate systems
● Radiators
● Batteries and other electrical issues
● Computer diagnostic issues
● Starters
● Steering and alignment
● Timing belts
● Brakes
● Suspension issues
● Tires

This has become a BIG part of our business and our compatition is not happy…but our customers are! If you need a second opinion on a problem with your vehicle, contact Clark Automotive in Blaine, MN. We also supply loaner cars.

Alternator Repair Shop Circle Pines, MN

Auto Repair Shop near Circle Pines, MNEvery electrical aspect of your vehicle relies on a functioning alternator. Most of the time, you will see a dash light pop up on your dashboard notifying you that your alternator may not be working properly. When it comes to important car repairs such as your alternator, you want to leave your vehicle in the hands of a vehicle repair team that you can trust. Clark Automotive is the perfect local alternator repair shop just minutes from Circle Pines.

Impact of a Faulty Alternator

Your alternator is the part of your car that pushes current to your vehicle’s engine. Without the alternator, the car wouldn’t work. The engine isn’t the only part of the vehicle that relies on current from the alternator. Your alternator is what keeps your car’s battery charged, headlights on, radio playing, windshield wipers swiping, those heated seats warm, etc. If your alternator isn’t pushing out the normal amount of current it typically supplies, that is when the electrical aspects of your vehicle are negatively affected.

Experienced Alternator Repairs on All Vehicles

Thanks to more than 18 years of experience, our trained technicians do not shy away from alternator repairs. Regardless of the type of vehicle you need assistance with, we’ve got you covered. Your alternator will be repaired or replaced with high quality parts and materials and the service will come at an affordable price. We are not here to rip our customers off. Instead, our goal is to get your vehicle back up and running in a timely manner, while not putting a hole in your wallet financially. We perform only the repairs that are needed, and the same goes for alternator repairs. We’ll do everything that we can to repair your alternator, but if replacement is the only option, our alternator repair shop has you covered either way!

Alternator Repair Shop Near Circle Pines, MN

So, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable and experienced alternator repair shop near Circle Pines, MN choose to partner with our crew at Clark Automotive. We’ll handle your alternator repairs with ease and will have your vehicle back up and running in no time! Don’t ignore the light that popped up on your dashboard as a warning. To schedule your alternator repair or replacement, give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email info@clarkautomotiveblaine.com.


Father and Son Under Hood of a Truck Giving Automotive Advice

Clark Automotive Blaine Car and Truck Repairs


Today’s vehicles are light-years better than the cars of old. There is much less maintenance needed now to drive our cars than before, and they almost seem maintenance free. But therein lies the problem. No matter how well made our cars are now compared to even just 20 years ago, the fact remains that cars require regular maintenance to avert expensive repairs down the road.

Today we will explore the concept of automobile maintenance. We will present some facts versus the fables that impact on the costs of operating a vehicle.  The goal of this presentation is to generate some thoughts about what has worked well and not so well regarding your experiences with car ownership.


Let’s relive a little of the “good ol’ days” shall we? Remember the nostalgia of automobile guidance handed down by your grandfather to your dad!

“Son, here is how to check the oil and coolant, I will check your sister’s”.

“When you stop down at the gas station for gas, ask them to check your battery electrolyte, freeze protection and brake fluid. Also, have them check the tire air pressure.”  Where did these full service gas station go anyway?


Back in the “good ol’ days”:

Tires lasted 20,000 miles maybe

Gas was .29 cents a gallon

Batteries lasted a couple years at most  

A tune-up was due every 10,000 miles and was prone to frequent failure

Brakes didn’t last 25,000 miles

Oil changes were due every 2,500 miles

What is a grease job?

Where did the transmission dipstick go?


Are we left with the impression that our cars are truly maintenance free?

Then what the heck are the warning lights on my dash?



Responding to The Check Engine Light coming on:


# Purchase parts predicated solely on a scan of the codes.  This is very common with free scanning at the local parts store, as they are in the business of selling parts!

# Clear the codes because some causation data will be lost.  A technician may need the data to properly troubleshoot your car.

# Drive your car far until you fully understand why the light is on.  You, then may elect to defer the repair to a future date.



# Have the check engine light diagnosed ASAP if the car now runs poorly, differently, misfiring, or no power Pull.     

# Get a firm price for diagnostic charges.  Also get a written estimate for the proposed repairs.

# Look on the internet for cars similar to yours and see if they are having the same problem and what may have caused it.  

# If you’re not comfortable with the estimate, get a second opinion.    

# Ask to see the old defective parts.  

# Pay by credit card, if this a new shop to you.


What are today’s RECOMMENDATIONS for an operator’s checklist?

  • Check the oil level weekly or with gas fill up.  
  • Glance at the brake, coolant, and power steering fluid levels.
  • Know what each warning light on the dash means.  Information is in the owner’s manual, or ask your mechanic.


Here’s our version of what “Grandpa Chuck” would tell your grand-kid getting his first car.

Establish your monthly under the hood and walk around the car checklist:

  • Check Headlights
  • Check Brake Lights
  • Check Turn Signals and Side Lights
  • Check Tire Air Pressure
  • Check Tire Condition
  • Listen for Exhaust Leaks  
  • Look at Accessory Belts
  • Look for Coolant Leaks
  • Look for Oil Leaks
  • Listen for Strange Noises
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Battery Cables and Battery
  • Check Coolant  (Cold)
  • Look at Hoses
  • Check Brake Fluid Level
  • Check Oil Level
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Check Wiper Blades    


CLARK AUTOMOTIVE CLINIC – Is a full service automotive maintenance and service provider located in Blaine, MN.  We specialize in diagnostics, vehicle performance, brake repair, general suspension, and electrical repairs.


What can Clark Automotive Provide to you, which you may not currently have?

“We keep your work car working!” We are a one stop shop for your reasonably priced automotive maintenance needs, auto repairs, with car talk and advice.  If you’re like most people, you probably tend to drive around until something goes wrong and then incur the expense of replacing worn-out parts or replace the whole vehicle.  Our goal is to offer a more balanced approach to keeping your work and family cars running properly at a lower expenditure of funds.  


What value added can Clark Automotive provide for your automotive ownership expenditures?

With Clark taking care of your car, you get a peace of mind that your car has been repaired in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner, using high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts where required.

Car, Truck and SUV Repair Service Blaine MN

What does the orange ABS light being on mean?

Minnesota Car Repair and Maintenance MechanicThe Anti-lock braking system in your car, allows you to stop your car in very slippery conditions, while maintaining control. The ABS system automatically pulsate the brakes, allowing you to still steer the car. I have had many customers say they do not like anti-lock brakes. When asked why, they say it is the noises and they do not like the way the brake pedal feels.

When the anti-lock brakes need repair the orange ABS light on your dash is illuminated. You still have the conventional hydraulic brakes, so it is not a safety issue. The decision to repair this system or not can be difficult because of the cost. Because of the complexity of the ABS brakes there generally is extensive troubleshooting required. The ABS brake system is comprised of many components:

  • There is a speed sensor at each wheel, which generally is the most common failure. Speed sensors are expensive on their own and in many cases is part of the wheel bearing, even making it more expensive.
  • The speed sensors inform the ABS computer how fast each tire is turning. When stopping in slippery conditions a slipping tire will record a slower speed. At this time the ABS computer will be pulsating that brake so that you may maintain control.
  • The ABS computer activates a hydraulic pump (controller) to pump each individual brake.

Braking with ABS vs. Braking without ABS

Have you ever heard the saying ‘pump your brakes’? ABS takes away the need to do so. This is why many are uncomfortable when they first drive with an active ABS system or are use to an older car. It is the exact opposite if a driver that has always been driving with an active ABS system and it fails. This may cause safety issues as the need to ‘pump the brakes’ now applies but is not a natural reaction for them.

After some practice in a large parking lot most of their complaints are addressed. With an ABS system you firmly apply the brakes and steer the car to avoid the accident. It is a lot simpler for the driver, just keep the brakes applied. Or if you choose to leave your ABS brakes not functional, practice pressing your foot on the brakes, in short intervals when on slippery, icy or other conditions where stopping is being hindered. Either way, it is important to become familiar with how they work, we are happy to show you when you bring your vehicle for a free test drive to Clark Automotive.

Blaine Automotive Repair

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AC Repair

Ac Charging & RepairHelloooooo, humidity. If you are living anywhere near Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Ham Lake, Andover, Spring Lake Park, or Champlin, MN, it’s likely you’ve already felt the brute strength of mother nature. The truth is, it’s only going to get worse. Our hot and humid summers have everyone begging for functional AC in their cars. If you feel like your AC may not be working, it’s time to come and get it checked at Clark Automotive.

The HVAC System

Whether you aren’t blowing any air at all or you are blowing hot air when the AC is on, all things temperature control related are from your HVAC system. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This means it is basically in control of your comfort and in this area, comfort is a must. So when your AC has decided to fail you, know that you can count on our professionals to fix you right up and get you back on the road in the comfort of your own car.

HVAC System Mishaps

So what are some signs and symptoms you should look out for when it comes to your HVAC system, specifically your AC? If nothing is blowing out of your vents and you feel like the fan has gone completely out, it’s time to get it checked. If air is blowing but nothing is cold, it may be time to bring your car in. Additionally, if you open the hood and see that there is corrosion in the heater core or the system has a moisture contamination, a clog, or a leak, it may be time to look into getting it seen. All of these symptoms can mean that your AC is failing or about to fail.

AC Repair

At Clark Automotive, we have been serving the Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Ham Lake, Andover, Spring Lake Park, and Champlin areas for over 17 years. All of our technicians are certified and keep your best interests in mind when working on your vehicle. We will always keep you up to date on the issues and pricing so that there are no hidden surprises at the end of your visit. We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer.

For more information about our AC repairs or to get your own vehicle looked at, call us today. Serving Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Ham Lake, Andover, Spring Lake Park, and Champlin, MN, give Clark Automotive a call today at 763-784-7944.

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