Andover Engine Diagnostics

Oct 29, 2016

Mechanic Blaine MNOh the dreaded check engine light has come back on in your vehicle. This is one light in your car that you don’t care to see. The reason is because often times, this light means that you’ll soon have to pay some money to get your vehicle repaired. If you are in this situation, trying to guess what you think may be wrong with the care is not the way to handle your issues. Instead, dropping your vehicle off at our trusted auto repair shop in Andover, MN should be your first priority. At Clark Automotive, we offer reliable engine diagnostic services that can find the root of the problem before you start throwing money toward repairs that may not be necessary.

Professional Engine Diagnostics Services Andover MN

Think about diagnostic testing in the same way that you would a medical diagnosis from your doctor. Just like in the field of medicine, testing is performed on your vehicle before a diagnosis is determined on what is causing your check engine light to be on. Generally speaking, engine diagnostics are tests performed by our dedicated staff to pinpoint exactly where the issue in your vehicle resides. Without this type of testing, you’d simply be replacing parts on your car that may not be damaged, causing significant financial stress. Our diagnostic testing equipment is accurate so that we don’t mislead you into unnecessary repairs. Additionally, we reference printed and online databases to help diagnose the issues your car is experiencing. At Clark Automotive, an auto mechanic will use diagnostics testing to evaluate a wide variety of your car including:

  • Ignition System
  • Emissions System
  • Electrical Aspects
  • Critical Sensor Inspections
  • Engine Timing
  • Engine Vacuum & Back-Pressure
  • Test Drives
  • Visual Inspection

Leave it to the Experts

Rather than telling our auto mechanics what you think is wrong with the car, let us perform engine diagnostics to determine the true issues. Some auto shops in the Andover, MN area will just fix what you tell them to and will not perform thorough engine diagnostics. At Clark Automotive, we care about the long term health of your vehicle, and staying on top of any issues early can help save you significant money down the road. Trust is a big word in the auto mechanic business, and our dedicated auto repair staff will do what it takes to gain the trust of our customers.

So, if your check engine light has recently come on in your car, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. For a trusted auto repair shop in Andover, MN, look no further than our team at Clark Automotive. We’ll perform engine diagnostics to ensure that we find exactly what is going on with your vehicle. Give us a call today at (763) 784-7944 or email to set up an appointment.

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