Alternator Replacement Ham Lake MN

Sep 9, 2016

Alternator Replacement Ham Lake MNHas the dreaded light on your dashboard lit up letting you know that something is going on with your car? Typically, anytime a light pops up on your dashboard, there’s a good chance you’ll be having to pay for a repair out of pocket. Although you may not want to spend the money, it is very important to bring your car to an auto shop to get evaluated. While you may have to pay some money now, it is much more affordable than if you don’t address the issue and you let other issues get worse. At Clark Automotive, we take pride in being an auto mechanic shop near Ham Lake, MN that can be trusted to provide truthful and professional automotive services. If we find that the alternator in your car needs to be replaced, our customer focused team will provide repair or replacement services at an affordable price.

Trustworthy Auto Mechanic Ham Lake MN

Our number one goal at Clark Automotive is to offer elite level customer service while also offering extremely affordable repair and replacement services. What we don’t do is tell our customers that they need to pursue unnecessary services, which so many of our competitors try to do. We have been serving the Ham Lake, MN area for more than 17 years and we have achieved the qualification of being an ASE Certified Mechanic shop. When searching for an auto mechanic in the area to handle your alternator replacement or repair, you need a team that offers high quality parts, loaner vehicles and free rides, a reliable warranty, is an AAA approved facility, is trustworthy and offers flexible hours. By choosing Clark Automotive, you’ll be able to achieve all of these goals!

Professional Alternator Replacement

If you are not much of a car person, your alternator plays a big role in the working of your vehicle. The alternator pushes current to your engine, headlights, radio, windshield wipers and your heated seats. Additionally, the alternator makes sure that your battery stays charged. If your dashboard light has come on in your vehicle or you need a jump to get the vehicle started, drop it by our dedicated team at Clark Automotive and we will perform a thorough inspection to see if your alternator needs to be repaired or replaced. First, we will rule out other minor issues such as an old battery. Once it has been determined that the alternator is the issue, we will help you decide on whether repairs or replacement is your best option.

So, if the dashboard light in your vehicle has recently turned on or you’ve lost power in the vehicle, know that there is a trusted auto mechanic shop near Ham Lake, MN that has your best interests in mind. Team up with our expert repair staff at Clark Automotive today for your alternator replacement needs by calling (763) 784-7944 or by emailing

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