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Aug 9, 2016

A/C Repair, Blaine, MNIt’s summer and it’s hot, even in Minnesota. If your car has some miles on it, you are at risk of losing your air-conditioning. If this happens to you, and if you live anywhere near Blaine, Minnesota, be sure to take your ride into Clark Automotive. The auto mechanics of Clark Automotive are committed to treating you honestly and repairing your car’s malfunctions as inexpensively as possible, and this is especially true of car A/C problems.

Even if you don’t really care about your car, and consider it just a machine to get you where you need to go, you will understand that many automotive repair shops do not seem to care that money may be an issue for you. Few of us can afford to throw money at our vehicles, and Clark Automotive understands this. In fact, Clark has established its strong client base because of its commitment to treating you fairly. Many other auto repair mechanics count on your ignorance and then attempt to exploit it. Clark Automotive respects you. Air-conditioner repair can be expensive, but if yours malfunctions, Clark Automotive will minimize the expense for you and will do only top-quality work.

Auto Mechanic Blaine MN

Clark Automotive understands that you can choose to take your car to any repair shop. So when you choose to take your car to Clark Automotive, they show their appreciation for giving them your business. And the best way they can express that appreciation is by demonstrating excellence in automotive knowledge, delivering on their promises, and communicating with you honestly about what needs to be repaired and how much the repairs are going to cost. If you have to drive a car without air-conditioning at the height of summer, you’ll understand. It is not pleasant. But Clark Automotive will help return the pleasantness to driving for you.

Once you take your car to Clark Automotive, you will feel assured that their expertise in A/C repair is comprehensive. If the A/C issue is not easily solved, Clark Automotive will work with you to find the cause of the issue and take the appropriate steps to repair it at the lowest possible price for you.

Comprehensive Auto Repair

In addition to a/c repair, here are some of the other services offered by Clark Automotive: Alternator repair and replacement; Full tune-ups; Radiators; Battery replacement; Computer diagnostic issues; Electrical problems; Starter replacement; Steering problems; Timing belts; Brakes; Suspension issues; Alignment; Tire replacement and tire rotation; and Engine repair.

There is simply no better A/C mechanic than Clark Automotive of Blaine, MN. Call (763) 784-7944 to set up a time to drop your car in for service.

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